There’s no Standing Room at the Altar

Authentic Christianity is a counter-agent to all forms of prejudice.  For, in order to harbor bigotry, a human being must first be over and above another person or people group.  Only from that vantage point can one individual look down on someone else.

That’s why Jesus told us we’re sinners.  It puts us all in the same position: side by side, each of us in the same sorry condition.  It’s not meant to make us berate ourselves; it’s intended to keep us from looking down on each other.

Few so-called Christians are willing to accept this truth, however.  So they’re constantly trying to stand over the person next to them, so they can say, “unlike you, I’m a good and decent person.  You, however, are a miserable piece of trash, who will burn forever while I walk on streets of gold.”

But what these “Christians” never see is the One they claim to worship standing behind them, wondering how they got his message so screwed up.  Even more tragic, they never notice when Christ directs his gaze towards the people they’re condemning, and says to them, “today YOU will be with me in paradise.”